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Project officially started!

Von |2022-04-21T10:19:13+02:00April 11th, 2022|

On the 11th April, with a virtual kick-off meeting, smellodi has officially started. The goal of our seven participating partner institutes from Germany, Israel and Finland is to develop intelligent electronic sensors that can detect and digitally transmit healthy and pathologically altered body odours. Over a period of three years and [...]

Job Offer: Two Research Associates at TU Dresden

Von |2022-03-12T16:08:19+01:00März 12th, 2022|

We are looking for two Research Associates (PhD or PostDoc) in the field of computational materials science to be filled at the earliest possible date. They are planned for a period of 3 years (an extension is possible upon availability of funding) and offers the chance to obtain further academic qualification (e.g. PhD thesis). [...]

Background: Smart electronic olfaction for body odor diagnostics

Von |2022-03-12T16:11:47+01:00Dezember 12th, 2021|

While almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone that can recognize faces and objects in pictures taken by the in-built camera, responds to our voice input, and interprets touch, by far no such functionality is available for interpreting our chemical environment. In many ways, this is a severe limitation since olfaction plays [...]

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