The 19th International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste will take place from June 22-26, 2024, at the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The event will gather experts from around the world to discuss the latest research on olfaction and taste. SMELLODI will also be represented with the following contributions on Tuesday, June 25:

  • From 8:45 to 10:15 AM, Ilona Croy acts as organizer of the symposium „You Stink – Deciphering Olfactory Communication in Humans.“ Natan Horáček (IOCB Prague) joins this symposium with a talk on „Chemistry on human body odor: individuality vs. conserved signatures of psychophysiological states.“
  • From 10:45 to 12:15 AM, Thomas Hummel (TU Dresden) acts as organizer of the symposium „Chemosensory space“ with Antonie Bierling (FSU Jena) contributing with a talk on the topic „From molecule to perception: development of chemical perceptual space of olfaction (CROWN)„.

For more information about the event, please visit: ISOT 2024

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