M24 Project Meeting in Dresden

From March 24th to 26th, 2024, the M24 SMELLODI project meeting was held at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden, hosted by TU-Dresden (Uniklinikum Dresden). The meeting started with welcoming remarks and an update on administrative matters. Over the course of two days, discussions focused on key topics including the description and perception of body odors, the synthesis of mucin-based smell receptors, computational modeling, and strategic dissemination of research findings. Highlights included updates on the development of a self-learning multichannel odor display and the integration of new software for data analysis.

A notable feature of the meeting was the guest lecture by Prof. Jonathan Williams from MPI Mainz, titled ‚Chemical emissions and possible signals from people,‘ which generated engaging discussions among participants.

Additionally, a lab tour at the Smell and Taste Clinic, guided by Prof. Thomas Hummel, provided practical insights into the methodologies and technologies used in the SMELLODI project, such as nasal endoscopy and electronic nose measurements.

Overall, this fourth in-person SMELLODI meeting was well-received by participants, offering a productive setting to review ongoing work, clarify interdependencies between work packages, and plan future activities. The meeting effectively facilitated continued collaboration and set the stage for upcoming initiatives within the project.

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